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TAA Compliant Hardware & Fasteners

Posted by James Petzel on

What is TAA Compliant hardware?

TAA is short for the Trade Agreements Act which was created in order to promote fair and open international trade between countries. Distributors who sell on a GSA schedule or sell to entities of the United States government are often subject to restrictions on which countries of origin can be used. GSA schedule holders must self-certify that their products are only acquired from TAA compliant countries.

The "country of origin" standard used means that a product must be "substantially transformed" in a TAA compliant country. So for example it is sometimes possible for raw materials to be sourced from non-TAA compliant countries if the end product is manufactured in the United States. This does not mean that a product can be purchased from a non-compliant country, have a few superficial changes made in the USA and re-sold on a GSA schedule. 

Why is this Significant for Distributors of Hardware?

If you are selling, or planning to sell, on a GSA schedule or to certain government entities you need to make sure you are using only TAA compliant goods. A huge amount of fasteners being sold in the USA currently come from non-compliant countries like China and India. 

What can I do about it?

Make sure that ALL components of a product you are selling on a GSA schedule are TAA compliant. CAP Hardware Supply provides a huge array of hardware products and tools made in the USA, Canada and Taiwan(among other TAA friendly countries). We even do complete customs and specials in as little as 2-4 weeks! Some of the many items we offer are:

- Hardware and Fastener Kits (custom made to your specifications)

- Nuts, Bolts, Cap Screws, Washers, Rivets, Steel Dowel Pins, Threaded Inserts, Hose Clamps

- All standard and custom materials including zinc plated steel, stainless steel, 316 high grade stainless, titanium, monel, black oxide and specialty automotive coatings.

- Metric and SAE/Imperial sizes

- Hand tools such as Nut drivers, Screw Drivers, Hand Riveters and Wrenches

If you are a distributor or end user looking for a quote on TAA hardware or tools contact us today using the link below.

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