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Torro, 12mm wide; 25-40mm, W5

Torro, 12mm wide; 25-40mm, W5

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Torro is the most widely produced and accepted embossed band worm-gear clamp available in the world. It has set the standard for modern hose clamp design and is specially suited for applications under high mechanical load.


  • Dynamic asymmetric housing provides optimal sealing forces during tightening
  • Screw collar guides band tail and allows for ease of assembly
  • Material and clamping range stamped on the band for easy identification
  • Non-perforated band for optimal hose protection


  • Coolant lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Oil lines
  • Water treatment and sewage
  • Connections in engine design
  • Connections in the appliance industry
  • Hose connections in automotive and commercial vehicles.

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