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Starrett 12'6" (150") x 1" wide Metal Cutting Blade

Starrett 12'6" (150") x 1" wide Metal Cutting Blade

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A premium Bimetal M42 intensive production cutting blade. Its positive rake angle and variable pitch tooth geometry provide excellent cutting efficiency. It offers easy penetration, excellent chip clearance, low noise levels, quality surface finish and faster, straighter cuts. It is a good choice for steels up to HRc 45, tool and stainless steels and nickel based and non-ferrous alloys. Choose your teeth per inch according to what thickness of metal you are cutting by the table below:


For Thinwall tubes and small solids(up to 1/2" in total thickness): 10/14 Variable Tooth

For Small solids 1/2" to 1" in thickness: 6/10 Variable Tooth

For Larger solids 1" - 2.5" - 4/6 Variable tooth

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