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Meat Cutting Band Saw Blade

Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades for Butcher Boy Saw 5/8" x 3T

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These 5/8" wide meat cutting band saw blades are also called butcher's saw blades. They are made from high quality carbon steel and the teeth are extremely sharp allowing them to be used for bone-in cutting. Select from the common Butcher Boy meat cutting band saw lengths in the dropdown box.

  • Super sharp & precise teeth design for bone-in cutting
  • Thin material and razor sharp teeth allow for faster, cleaner cuts
  • 5/8" wide x .022" thick with 3 teeth per inch
  • Used for cutting Fish, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Heavy Foam and Packaging Materials
  • Made in USA
 Butcher Boy B12 Use 98 Inch Saw Blades
Butcher Boy B14 Use 112 Inch Saw Blades
Butcher Boy B1435 Use 112 Inch Saw Blades
Butcher Boy B16 Use 126 Inch Saw Blades
Butcher Boy SA20 Use 154 Inch Saw Blades

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