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M-3 Combination Stair Core Rig w/ Vacuum

M-3 Combination Stair Core Rig w/ Vacuum

  • 3,20100

  • Single switch outlet control panel with amp meter
  • 1-1/2” square column (mast) with black oxidized finish
  • Combo anchor/vacuum swivel base and mast
  • Slide handle
  • Ceiling jack
  • 4 leveling screws on the base


  • Light weight and economical
  • Slide handle permits drilling in tight areas
  • Swivel masts can turn 360 degrees for easy drilling on stairs
  • Compact size for hard-to-reach drilling areas
  • Ceiling jack helps keep the rig in place as a backup for anchoring or vacuuming the base down (used with a brace piece 2x4 or other material)
  • Weka models allow the motor to be unmounted and used hand-held

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